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How I work
Why choose online tutoring lessons for French / Spanish Exams?

First of all, I always make sure to liaise with my students by phone on Skype, Whatsapp, Teams or Zoom in order to understand why they want to learn a foreign language.


The first conversation and trial lesson are free of charge. These help me to understand on which areas the students would like to focus. Following this exchange, I am able to decide how to structure and adapt my lessons regarding the student's needs.

Lessons are always prepared in advance with detailed planning and resources on Word Document and PowerPoint, which requires at least an hour preparation before the session itself. The preparation time and the teaching of the lesson are both included in the pricing.  This is a way for me to ensure a positive and productive learning atmosphere.

Thanks to an outstanding online tutoring and interactive learning, students are able to think easily on their feet, reach their highest grades for national exams, and are also confident in using a foreign language.


If you feel like learning in an interactive way and with success, please feel free to get in touch with Myriam Language School.

Online tutoring for French / Spanish GCSE, A Level, KS3 exams is flexible, quick and accessible.

Book your lesson today !
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